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Why to Join XISS?

About Us

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) Ranchi has a legacy which is more than 500 years old. The Institute is managed and governed by Society of Jesus – more popularly known as “Jesuits”. They came into existence in 1540 in Rome by papal decree and since then have been engaged in promoting quality education through out the world. The best known colleges in India and abroad – St Xavier’s Colleges in Mumbai and Kolkata, XLRI Jamshedpur, XIM Bhubaneswar etc – share the same legacy of quality education

Our Mission and Philosophy

XISS Ranchi believes in the philosophical attitude “Professionals with a difference”. This may sound strange to many but we believe, and have believed since inception, that any activity including business exists in society. As such, any business should give back to the society what it takes from the society. In doing so, it should also ensure that the members of the society are not left behind. We intend to make professionals with a different attitude – of caring, sharing and giving to the society while being responsible citizens of the corporate world.

Recent Placements

Because XISS has been producing well rounded professionals from its inception, placements have always been good at XISS. In the last year a total of 83 organisations visited the campus – out of which 35 were first time recruiters or visited the campus after a long time. A total of 259 job offers were made and accepted at an average salary of Rs. 5.33 lakhs per annum and the highest salary of Rs. 13.5 lakhs per annum.

Culture @ XISS

With the long legacy it is but imperative that XISS will have a strong cultural legacy. XISS believes in providing its students guidance to achieve creative freedom; rather than stifling them in a classroom environment. There is emphasis on “Social Service Fieldwork” where the students visit the down-trodden, the marginalised and the handicapped on a regular basis so that they develop empathy for the not so fortunate. Besides these “Rural Camps” expose the students to the harsh realities of the rural India – an India away from the clutches of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The cultural and business fest – “Panache” is managed solely by the students under the guidance of administration. Besides these various departmental level activities keep the students engaged through out the year and gives them platforms to test their managerial and inter-personal skills.

Future @ XISS

So what are you waiting for? Apply to XISS and see the change. A place that will transform you – from just “any other person” to a “professional with a difference”. A professional who cares – cares for others, cares for the society, and cares for the world. And in the process you get a rigorous education which equips you to deliver your best in the corporate sector. We wish you the very best for the future and hope to see you at XISS soon. Johar and Welcome once again

Research Gate


  • “…The very culture of XISS taught us the value of dignity of labour, empathy, empowerment and service befor self. Today when we say that emotional intelligence is the key to one’s fulfillment, I reckon that those learnings make critical contribution in our professional lives; and this gives XISSians an Edge…”

    Rohit Sinha
    XISS – PM&IR (1986-88)
    Head (Human Resources)
    Larsen & Tubro

  • “I have been recognised in every assignment that I have done and this is the result of my studies at XISS that developed the strategic thinking, inherent discipline and thirst to excel. The core values gets cemented and focus on people gets sharpenedby virtue of the inputs I got from the Institute”

    Renu Chaturvedi
    XISS – PM&IR (1985-87)
    Manager (Recruitment)
    Coal India Limited

  • “It is almost 15 years I have passed out and I still feel a strong bondage towards the institute. The most important thing which I have learned is to be committed and passionate towards the most marginalised community”

    Saibal Baroi
    XISS – Rural Development (1995-97)
    Director (Advocacy and External Relations)
    CARE India

  • “The two years at XISS has given shape to my career. I learned ‘the tricks of the trade’ there and implemented them successfully at my workplace. I have always received special attention for my colleauges and professionals because I am a XISSian”

    Mrikha Pradeep
    XISS – Marketing Management (2005-07)
    Key Account Manager