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Theme: Seed Biotechnology and Eastern India’s “New Green Revolution”: Issues and Challenges

(Vol. 14, No. 2, April-June, 2016) ISSN 0973 – 8444
Seed Banks in the Centre of Origin: The Fight against Climate Change
Abhijit Mohanty* & Ranjit K. Sahu**
*A development professional, currently works with SURUDEV, Cameroon. He holds a MBA in Rural Management from AMITY University, India, and his work focuses on promoting climate smart agriculture among indigenous communities in Odisha/India and Africa.
**Currently a Research Associate at the University of Virginia, USA, actively works to preserve and conserve biodiversity and is a freelance writer.
Abstract: Seed cum grain banks (SCGBs) are increasingly being viewed as a potential and long term solution to the negative impact of global warming on food production, agriculture and its allied activities. In the hinterlands of south-west Odisha, identified as a secondary centre of origin (SCO) of rice, farming communities and in particular womenfolk have successfully established many SCGBs. These SCGBs provide a platform for in situ maintenance of landraces of several cereals, with rice and millets being the major crops. This article highlights the initiative being undertaken and some of the landraces of rice and millets that have been identified, conserved and propagated. Several such landraces were close to extinction but have now been revived. SCGBs are important in regions where crop diversity needs to be maintained, while these banks also permit the evolution of crop varieties in situ.
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