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Rural Marketing Strategies and Challenges

(Vol. 15, No. 4, October-December, 2017) ISSN 0973 – 8444
Horticulture Logistics Situation in Jharkhand: Opportunities and Challenges
Pinaki Ghosh1
1Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Xavier Institute of Social Service, Dr. Camil Bulcke Path, Ranchi-834001 (Jharkhand), email:
Abstract: Logistics is an important area for decision making at every institution level. A sound logistics system leads to good operations. In agriculture also the logistics function has an important role to play. Horticulture is one such area in agriculture which requires proper logistics facility to be viable. This sub sector of agriculture requires efficient handling and distribution of goods as the category is highly perishable in nature, therefore challenging the logistics system. The study is exploratory in nature involving identification of variables such as transportation, market yard availability, storage facility, information technology, grading facility, standardization, aggregation facility, value addition scope, cold storages availability, laboratory linkage and irrigation facility. Different significance (weights) of each variable were collected from experts, subsequently the threshold levels required for horticulture in each of the variables was collected from respondents representing horticulture stakeholders from NGOs, farmers, agriculture extension officers, followed by the actual and the preferred levels using suitable scales. The Weighted Threshold score, Weighted Actual Scores and Weighted preferred scores of each variable and the gaps between the different levels were calculated to arrive at the respective positions of the different logistics variables. Further, the variables indentified initially were then subjected to Exploratory Factor Analysis using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) in SPSS to determine the reduced set of variables (now called factors) which would explain the influence of the different variables initially identified and used further in multivariate analysis .The paper identifies the main factors in the Logistics area to be considered for improving the horticulture scenario of Jharkhand. In other words it indicates the thrust areas that the policy makers and the different Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions should consider for the betterment of the horticulture sector.
Keywords: Horticulture logistics, Weighted threshold score, Weighted actual score, Weighted preferred scores, Exploratory factor analysis.
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