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Rural Marketing Strategies and Challenges

(Vol. 15, No. 4, October-December, 2017) ISSN 0973 – 8444
The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Managing Rural Sales Force Performance
Pooja1 & Pranab Kumar2
1Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, Xavier Institute of Social Service, Dr. Camil Bulcke Path, Purulia Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand, E-Mail :,, Phone - 9661467089
2Associate professor, Department of Management, Birla Institute of Technology, Lalpur Extension, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, E-Mail :,, Phone- 8969977896
Abstract: In past few decades, the term emotional intelligence has become quite popular. Researches and studies have shown that technical skills, capabilities and expertise alone cannot guarantee success at workplace. The field of psychology, behavioural science and neuroscience have highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence. It has been realized workplaces cannot be termed “emotion free zones” and hence understanding the concept is even more important. The understanding and awareness of emotional intelligence is particularly more important when interpersonal relations at work are talked about. The study based on secondary data tries to explore the effect of emotional intelligence on sales performance particularly with reference to Indian rural market as the opportunities offered by the same are immense and any factor that can help in positively affecting the sales must be given due concern by the organizations.
Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Indian Rural Market, Sales, Rural Sales.
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