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Women Empowerment

(Vol. 16, No. 2, April-June, 2018) ISSN 0973 – 8444
Symbolic Action on Social Media and Woman Empowerment: A Qualitative Study
Pallavi Thacker1 & H. P. Mathur2
1Research Scholar, Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221105 (India), +91-9794342849
2Professor, Institute of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi - 221105 (India),, +91-9415203146
Abstract: Social media plays a vital role in daily lives of individuals these days. Social media platforms give chance to interact with the world virtual ly. One of the recent trends in such major platforms (Facebook, twitter, etc.) is about performing the symbolic action such as changing the display picture for supporting some cause. Authors, in this study, try to find out the significance of such symbolic action on social media with connection to women empowerment. Another major objective of this study is to explore the meaning of women empowerment for the youth of this generation. This study being qualitative in nature uses semi structured interviews as tool for data collection. In-depth interviews of 18 participants were analyzed using two softwares Nvivo and R language. It has been found out that symbolic action on social media is good for creating awareness among masses. Respondents don’t feel that such actions in any way ensure women empowerment. Also, it reveals that real women empowerment is when women are well informed and form an equal part of the society as men.
Keywords: Social media, Symbolic action, Social campaigns, Women empowerment
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