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About Dr Kumar Suresh Singh Tribal Resource Centre

The Dr Kumar Suresh Singh Tribal Resource Centre (DKSSTRC) is a dream come true for Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi.

The need of the resource centre arises particularly from the Institute’s special responsibility towards the tribal population of the region. The Institute is aware that Adivasis of Jharkhand and central India belt have attracted advanced scholarship, not only within the country at reputed centres of learning but even, perhaps more, in the West.

There is a need to interrogate the existing and emergent approaches, views and theories on Adivasi development and public policy.

The Institute is immediately inspired for this venture by a fortunate donation of a large corpus of books and private papers to it by a celebrated scholar on Adivasis, the late Dr K. Suresh Singh I.A.S.

The need of such a unit was necessary since there is none at present in this part of the country. Besides promoting quality research locally, it attracts scholars from India and abroad. The DKSSTRC is conceived as an academic unit. It is primarily involved in research and documentation works. To add vibrancy to its research activities, the centre generates discussion on Adivasi issues.


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Dr Kumar Suresh Singh IAS

Graduation – First Class in History Master’s degree – Patna University
Ph.D. – On ‘A Study of Birsa Munda and His Movement in Chotanagpur 1874-1901’, Patna University
Initial career – He started his career as Lecturer in the department of Humanities at the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, in 1956.

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