Fr Francis David Kullu SJ
Fr Francis David Kullu SJ

Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management

Date of Joining: 08.06.2019


Fr Francis David Kullu, SJ is the Finance Officer and an Assistant Professor at Xavier Institute of Social Service. He has a PGDM in HR and Business Analytics from Loyola Institute of Business Management. He holds also M.Sc. (Computer Science) from Madras University. He has graduations in Computer Applications from Ranchi University, Philosophy from Jnana Deep Vidyapeth, Pune and Theology from Vidyajyoti, College of Theology. However, by practice and profession, he holds the important office of Finance in the Institute. He has a wide range competencies in not only in computer programming languages, but also in its applications in terms of Computer Layout and Designing using PageMaker, Photoshop, InDesign and CorelDraw and Accounting using Tally. Writing Short stories in Hindi, Music, Collecting Proverbs and sayings, singing and photography are some of his important hobbies. His functional areas of interest are IT, Data Science, Analytics and Human Resource Management.

Professional Experience

Fr Kullu has 14 years of Jesuit Formation in the society of Jesus and 8 years of work experience in the Non-Government Organization in the capacity of Treasurer/Bursar and Secretary. He joined XISS as an adjunct faculty in 2014. After competing his Post graduate Diploma in Management, currently he is the Finance Officer of XISS.


Fr Kullu had his major project on “Passenger Transport Management System” in development and deployment using Java Technologies, PostgreSQL and NetBeans 3.6 in Firstline Infotech, Pvt. Ltd., Chennai in 2006. As a student of Philosophy, he presented a seminar paper on “The Internet: A Blessing or a Blemish”, A critical Look into the implications of the Internet in JDV, Pune in 2008. He also authored an article entitled, “Artificial Intelligence: Some challenging possibilities” in an edited book called, “Dancing to Diversity: Science-Religion Dialogue in India” edited by K. Pandikattu and published by Serial Publications, New Delhi. He has also to his name a book publication entitled “Ukaab Ki Uddan”, which is a collection of 25 short stories in Hindi, published in 2017 by Xavier Publications, Ranchi. During his Management studies, he authored along with A. Xavier Raj an article in the LIBA journal of Management entitled, “Artificial Intelligence Optimism Vs Pessimism: A Conceptual Insight” co-authored with Dr Agna Fernandez two research papers and one case studies. The paper entitled, “A Grounded Research Approach to Sustainable Leadership Practices and Competencies” is now published by Springer. The other paper entitled, “The Multidimensional Sustainable Leadership Competencies Scale, Factor structure, reliability and validity” was presented in the conference of British Academy of Management, Birmingham. The case study titled, “Ekutir: Democratizing the Future Of Farming” now available in global Centre for Case Studies. A mini case study titled Suspension or Discharge, which is unpublished, was used in the class on the subject of Industrial Trade Relations.

He took courses on IT Skills for Managers, a Core paper of 3 Credits at XISS for the Programme of Marketing. As an in-Company Program recently on Jan 4 -5, 2021, he was part of Recruitment & Selection process at JUIDCO, Ranchi.

Tel : Ext: 102