Conviction, completeness, and character are essential for every HR manager: Mr Salil Lal, CHRO, MSIL

The Human Resource Management (HRM) Programme of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi organised a Leadership Talk by Mr Salil Lal, CHRO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) for the students of HRM and Marketing Management Programmes at Fr Michael Van den Bogaert Auditorium. 

In his session, Mr Lal, an esteemed alumnus of the Institute shared his work experiences and remarkable life journey with around 200 students. He highlighted during his address that there are three important C’s which are essential for every HR Manager to possess in today’s time. They are Conviction, Completeness, and Character. Each student should navigate their life courses now, as how they would like to see themselves in the future, and always have clarity of their goals. He also discussed Maruti Suzuki’s growth plans, changing dynamics of industrial relations, policy interventions by Maruti, the importance of discipline, and planning in professional life.

The leadership session was also attended by Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS where he thanked Mr Salil for coming to the campus and for his encouragement and support to students. Dr Amar E. Tigga, Dean Academics, XISS welcomed Mr Lal on campus and mentioned that XISS and the whole HR fraternity are proud of his achievements.

This leadership talk was facilitated by Dr Shyamal Gomes, Head HRM, XISS, and the session was attended by faculty and students. Mr Lal was accompanied by three other employees of MSIL also the alumni of XISS, Mr Annanyo Bhattarcharya, Mr Karan Singh, and Mr Thomas.