Rural Management Programme of XISS organised Institutional Visit of Batch 2022-24

Institutional Visits (IVs) are an integral part of the Rural Management Programme curriculum. The first Institutional Visit for the Batch 2022-24 was organized on 16 September 2022. Students visited Tata Motors Ltd, Jamshedpur led by supervisors Dr K. K. Bhagat & Dr Niranjan Sahoo; and Tata Steel Foundation, Jamshedpur led by Dr S. K. Prasad & Dr Raj Shree Verma. The purpose of IV is to acquaint students with development interventions. This helps the students to understand the implementation, and challenges faced in planning, monitoring, and evaluation of the project.

However, the specific objectives of the IV programme were: (I) to acquaint with the organizational set up including organo-gram, vision, mission, activities, interventions programmes, funding aspects, etc., and (II)  to understand the challenges that organizations face during field interventions and their strategies to overcome those challenges. Students visiting Tata Motors Ltd were exposed to the various CSR functions of TML.  Antardyoy (Leprosy Rehabilitation Center), Rehabilitation Center for Malnourished Children, Organic Farming, and Supply of RO water to the villagers are the major CSR interventions that the students visited in Jamshedpur area. Similarly, another group visited Tata Steel Limited’s CSR functions through Tata Steel Foundation, Jamshedpur. Livelihoods, Sports, and Watershed interventions are the major areas where students were exposed to. Students are asked to prepare a comprehensive report on learning and reflections based on these two visits. The Rural Management Programme is thankful to Mr Gurudutt Dwivedi, CSR Manager of Tata Motors Ltd and Ms Rashi Kerketta, Development Manager of Tata Steel Foundation for their kind cooperation and arrangement.