CASC (Cultural & Sports Committee)

CASC serves as a platform for showcasing the students sporting prowess and cultural activities like singing, dancing and dramtics.

PHONiX (Promoting Human Operations & Event Nurturing in XISS)

PHONiX is a democratic students’ committee, which organizes management games, business, quizzes, paper presentations, guest lectures and other knowledge sharing activities with the students, for the students and by the students

XAR (Xavier Alumni Relations)

The objective of this association is to continuously update contacts and keep in touch with the Institute’s vast populace of alumni spread across the globe.

MART Voice

MART Voice is a group formed by and for the students. this group acts as a roof under which four clubs namely Kotler Marketing Group, Buffet Finance Group, Dhirubhai Entrepreneurship Group and InFi Group operate. Through these clubs students engage themselves in case competitions, management games, business quiz, debates, financial analysis, market research, etc. which not only helps them to improve their analytical, logical and interpersonal skills but also provide them with opportunity to apply their knowledge in solving problems practically faced by business organisations in real life situations.