Student’s life at XISS is a rich blend of learning and fun. XISS campus foster community and gives students the chance to engage in all aspects of life. The students as partners share ideas and initiate changes, keeping in tune with the ever-changing corporate world. Students play a crucial role in improving their own skills and creating an exciting and innovative environment, which adds to their life. At XISS, a common thread of exceptional talent and a desire to learn and excel ties students coming from diverse culture and demographic background together. In this lively environment, each student feel inspired to exploit their potential to the full extent. the atmosphere creates deep, lifelong friendships, a valuable business network, of course, but lasting personal connections above all.

At XISS, extracurricular activities not only provide a break from the rigours of intensive study but also bestow great opportunities for the students to hone and showcase their talent and organizational abilities.

every year under the aegis of different forums and bodies students involve themselves in recreational, cultural, intellectual, professional or charitable activities. the socio-cultural ethos at the campus plays an important role in providing vibrancy to an otherwise, very demanding life of a future-manager.