Markbuzzz is the marketing club of XISS. It was founded with the vision to enhance the knowledge of students by learning the latest trends and practices of the business world.


Markbuzzz aims at organizing different events and programs inside and outside the college to create various learning opportunities for the marketing department. Our objective is to widen the participation and improving our brand, thus enabling us to establish a strong reputation for Programme of marketing at XISS within academic and professional circles.


The club integrates the activities of the industry academia connect program and the marketing research group of the Department to keep the essence of marketing upbeat across the campus by engaging students. The role and responsibility of Markbuzzz is to create an environment of learning for the students of XISS. Industry knowledge by conduction seminars or webinars, case and competitions and appreciation posts for alumni, faculty and the students of XISS will help in marking a presence.


The club is divided into various verticals, and each verticals performs their duties accordingly. Since the mode we are working now, is online. Therefore, our focus is more on making an online presence for the Marketing programme at XISS. We will be using the social media presence.

  • Posts on various platforms are first decided according to the calendar.
  • The content and design team start working on it to create a poster and a relevant content.
  • The format is pre-approved by the faculty member, HOP of Marketing.
  • After preparing both, they are sent for approval to Students’ Club.
  • Only after approval of, the poster and content are poster. Changes, if any are made.

Events will also be organized online in coming days, and they will be conducted in collaboration with all the teams by discussing on online meetings.