Obscura is the Official Media Club of XISS. It was established in 2015 by a group of like-minded students who came together for this initiative to spread the Institutional activities in the media and amongst other stakeholders.

Dr Ranjit Toppo, Dr Jayant Jaipal Singh, Dr Rohit Vishal Kumar were the brains behind the club and the student body was formed by Nelson Chacko, Shreysee Banka , Rudrendu Naskar, Nazish Imdad and Nipun Jain in the coming years.


Obscura aims to connect XISS and functions as a bridge to all its stakeholders, namely students- both current and prospective, valuable alumni, corporates, media houses, etc.


Obscura's vision is to showcase the real potential, talent & capabilities of XISS students, alumni, faculty and of an institution as a whole to the world.


  • To work as the branding machine for XISS, and cover various academic & cultural events at the institution, leveraging its presence over all major platforms like Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.
  • To focus on building a connection between its old and current students and binding them together in the XISS family to celebrate various milestones achieved by Alumni and alma-mater. To communicate and engage with the Alumni for continuous prosperous relations throughout the year.


  • Presidents - Manmeet Kaur Hora, Shruti Harnathka, Utkarsh Suneja
  • Liaison - Piyush Agarwal, Riya Rai, Rohan Pandey
  • Content - Pallavi Nerella, Amrit Chandan
  • Blog - Sonal Suman
  • Design - Jishan Ali, Prakhar Jaiswal
  • Social Media - Harsh Raj Tripathi, Hrithik Kundu, Osama Hussain
  • Photography - Aisha Marcy Kisku, Harsh Kongari, Rachel Maria Toppo
  • YouTube - Abhinav Topno, Shanoj Suraj Ekka
  • Alumni - Hritika Singh, Prerna Jaiswal


  1. Liaison - Responsible for media coverage of XISS Events and essential accomplishments in Newspapers, Websites of Media Houses & Digital Media portals.
  2. Content - Responsible for 3 broad categories of work-
    • Newspaper Media Reports (Hindi & English)
    • Event Report- XISS documentation (English)
    • Social Media Posts (XISS & Obscura handles)
  3. Blog − Blogs are categorized as follows and handled by the respective members:
    • Faculty Speak, Student Speak, HRhapsody, FinBizz, The Marketing Diaries, Ruralog, MIT (Management & IT)
  4. Design - Creative poster creation for XISS and Obscura social media handles.
  5. Social Media - Follows the event calendar for social media posting- as story and post according to prominence.
  6. Photography - Responsibilities are categorized as follows:
    • Offline event photography & videography
    • Online Webinar screenshots
    • Miscellaneous ad-hoc duties
  7. YouTube - Responsible for Live Streaming events and webinars conducted by XISS on XISS YouTube channel. Curation of Informative videos like: College Information, Alumni Interviews, Alumni Speak, Student Views, Counselling Centre information
  8. Alumni - Responsible for maintaining a conduit between XISS and Alumni base to enhance and strengthen alumni relations.