A Certificate Program in Business Analytics for Managers
6 months
Aug 03, 2024 - Jan 31, 2025

XISS Team:

Dr. Sharda Singh, Assistant Professor. PGDM-HRM

Dr. Fedrick Kujur, Assistant Professor. PGDM-MM

Mr. Prasant Kumar Jha, Assistant Professor. PGDM-FM

Program objective:

Data-driven decision-making is the most sought-after industry skill. Gain skills to excel in the fast-paced business world by leveraging data and analytics to make better business decisions. This certificate program will accelerate your career in business analytics. The program perfectly combines theory, case studies, and extensive hands-on practices.

The program is designed to give experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds extensive business analytics knowledge. Learners will get access to mentorship sessions that provide a highly engaging learning experience. By the end of the course, learners will be able to implement business analytics concepts in various data analytics tools like EXCEL, Power BI, Tableau, SPSS, and PYTHON.

Target audience:

Working professionals and Aspiring managers

Program structure:

The program is a mix of conceptual framework and practical application of data analytics tools applicable in the business sphere.

Stipulated batch strength: 75
Analytical tools and Languages: Excel, Power BI, Tableau, and Python
Infrastructure: Online meet facility
No of Trimester: 2
Total Contact hour: 180 hours
Fee Structure: Rs 75,000 + GST
Key Features of the Program:
  • Live classes by academic and industry experts
  • Hands-on experience with real-life case studies
  • Placement opportunities with XISS’s 100+ hiring partners
  • Career Assistance
  • Networking with managers in the similar domain
Additional benefits from XISS:
  • Career Development Support
  • Access to Resources
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops
  • Professional Certification
  • Alumni Network Access
  • Continued Support and Engagement
  • Discounts on Future Programs
Eligibility criteria:
  • Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50%
  • Few years of work experience (preferred)
How to Apply:
Application Form:

Applicants can fill out the online form and make an online payment of Rs. 500/- + GST 18% (Rs 590/-) at the admission portal. Complete the application form together with all documents to be uploaded online on or before Saturday, 20 July 2024.

Admission process:
  1. A selection committee reviews all applications to ensure that candidates meet the minimum eligibility criteria and have the relevant background and experience for the program.

  2. Based on the review of applications, a shortlist of candidates will be called for selection interview.

  3. All applicants are notified of their application status, whether they have been selected for the program, placed on a waitlist, or not selected.

  4. Selected candidates are required to confirm their enrollment by paying the program fees and completing any necessary paperwork or administrative formalities.

  5. Before the start of the program, an orientation session may be conducted to welcome participants, introduce them to the faculty and staff, provide an overview of the program structure and expectations, and address any questions or concerns they may have.

  6. The certification program begins as scheduled, with participants engaging in lectures, workshops, case studies, projects, and other learning activities designed to enhance their knowledge and skills in business analytics for managers.

  7. Throughout the program, participants are assessed through assignments, quizzes, exams, and project work to evaluate their understanding and application of key concepts and techniques. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, participants receive a certification in Business Analytics for managers.

Fee and Other Expenses :
Academic Fee Amount in Rs.
One Time Charges (At the time of admission) Rs. 5,000/-
Library & Reading Material Fee (At the time of admission) Rs. 10,000/-
Examination Fee (At the time of admission) Rs. 5,000/-
Security Deposit (Refundable) Rs. 5,000/-
Tuition Fees (Per Trimester) First Instalment of tuition fee by Commencement of
Trimester 1 (20 July 2024) and the second instalments by Commencement of Trimester 2 (30 oct 2024).
Rs. 25,000/- + Rs. 25,000/-
Total Rs. 75,000/-
Program Curriculum:
Trimester 1: Preparatory courses (80 hours):
  1. Introduction to Business Analytics (20 hours)
    1. Definition and scope of business analytics
    2. Importance and benefits of analytics in decision-making
    3. Overview of analytics tools and techniques
    4. Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics
    5. Analysis of Firm Performances (Key ratios)
    6. Retrieving and Analysis of Financial Performance of a NIFTY 100 firm
    7. E-Commerce Data and its analysis
    8. Inventory Data and its Analysis
    9. Manufacturing Data and Its Analysis
    10. HR data and its analysis
    11. Introduction and analysis of Data of Finance industry and Fintech (Credit risk analysis)
  2. Statistics for data science (20 hours)
    1. Introduction to data
    2. Introduction to data Analysis in Excel
    3. Describing Numerical Data- Frequency Tables
    4. Analysis of Association between Variables
    5. Basic Principles of Counting
    6. Introduction to Probability
    7. Random Variables Introduction
    8. PMF and PDF
    9. Measuring Expectations
    10. Distributions- Discrete and Continuous
    11. Parameter Estimation
    12. Hypothesis Testing
  3. Python Basics (20 hours)
    1. Data Types
    2. Variables and Input Statements
    3. Operators
    4. If statement and introduction to import library
    5. Introduction to loop
    6. Lists
    7. Dictionary
    8. Recursion
    9. Pandas, Series, DataFrame
    10. Object Oriented Programming
  4. Basics of machine learning (20 hours)
    1. Introduction to NumPy
    2. ML components
    3. Regression Model
    4. Polynomial Regression
    5. Models of Classification
Trimester 2: Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics (100 hours):
  1. Data visualization (20 hours)
    1. Introduction to Data visualization.
    2. Creating Dashboard
  2. Machine Learning Techniques (30hours )
    1. Regression, Classification, and Tree-based models.
    2. Regression Model
    3. Polynomial Regression
    4. Models of Classification
    5. Logistic Regression
    6. Naïve Bayes’ Classifier
    7. Softmax Regression
    8. KNN Classifier
    9. Support Vector Machine
    10. Classification and Regression Trees
    11. Ensemble Learning
    12. Clustering
    13. Artificial Neural Network
  3. Tools in Data Science (20 hours)
    1. Scraping the Data
    2. Preparing the Data:- Aggregation, Cleaning, Profiling, Transformation
    3. Forecasting with Python/Excel (Classification and regression)
    4. Modelling the Data Using Pycaret, Python, Google Auto ML
    5. Designing the output using Google Charts
    6. Deploying the results
  4. Domain-based application of Analytics (20 hours)
    1. HR Analytics
    2. Financial Analytics
    3. Marketing Analytics
  5. Project work (Project work will entail using various Data analytics tools to analyze and predict the behavior/pattern of a given database) (10 hours)
Note: The program curriculum is subject to change based on the institute's and experts' inputs.
Contact Details:     0651-2200873    8143063348