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The Fr Michael Albert Windey SJ Memorial Library accommodates varieties of resources in print and digital forms. In print, books are available in different subject areas of Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Rural Management, and Information Technology. Along with the books, there are Journals, Encyclopedias, Almanacs, and Magazines. In non-print resources we have subscribed Databases like EBSCO Business Source Elite, EBSCO E-book Core Collection, Labor law reporter online Library, SAGE Business Cases Studies with teaching notes, etc., other online platforms are Economic and Political weekly, Publishing India Group for IT journals, Online magazines, etc. All these resources are accessible to the academic community for reference and borrowing, this helps students and faculty in their intellectual pursuits.

The library is fully computerized the routine work as well as library services through ERP. Web OPAC makes searching for library items easy within the campus as well as outside campus.


    Library Timing:
  • Monday to Friday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Saturday : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm
  • Sundays and Holidays: closed.

Arrangement: The library follows open access system. The resources are classified by Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and Cataloging to Anglo America Cataloguing Rules.

Membership: Students, Faculty and Staffs are the users of the library.

External Membership: External users can get temporary membership with the prior permission of the Director/Assistant Director.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Proper silence and library decorum must be observed in the library.
  2. Personal belongings such as bags (personal + laptop), shawls, umbrellas are not allowed inside the library. These things should be kept in the baggage section along with an ID card.
  3. Only writing materials, loose notes, and laptops (without laptop bag) will be allowed inside the library and must be offered for inspection by the person sitting at the entrance Counter.
  4. Users have to make entry of incoming and outgoing time in the library register while visiting the library.
  5. Issued books, as well as personal books, cannot be brought inside the library for reading purposes.
  6. After reading the books, users are requested to keep the books in their proper place or on the table.
  7. Outsiders are not allowed in the library without the explicit permission of the Director/Assistant Director.
  8. The way in which a student uses the library and uses the library rules will be taken into consideration while evaluating his or her performance.
  9. Periodicals like Journals, Magazines and Newspapers will not be issued to students. Students can use the periodicals in the library only.
  10. Every student will be allowed to borrow two books at a time, which should be returned within 10 days for general books and textbook and compendium is for overnight. Reference books and periodicals are not issued.
  11. Overdue charges will be applicable in case of delay in return and will be collected as per library rule. The current charges are: General books: Rs 10 for 1st week then after Rs 20 /- per day Textbooks /compendium: Rs 20 for one day then after Rs 30/- per day Note: Sundays and holidays are included in the fine calculation.
  12. Circulation of any library book within a certain group or between two persons is not permitted.
  13. Books are re-issued to the same student but only after an interval of 3 days provided if there is no demand for the same book from other students.
  14. If the borrowed book is misplaced, one must replace the book with a due fine. If the book is not available in the market, then the student will deposit the price of the book with a fine.
  15. Books have to be handled carefully. Marking in the book is not allowed.
  16. Before borrowing books, check the condition of books. If there is any damage, then bring it to the notice of the counter assistance otherwise he/she will be responsible for the damage books at the time of return.
  17. Computers in the digital library section are meant for browsing subscribed e-resources only. Use of these computers for social networking or entertainment are forbidden.
  18. Do not remove the Wi-Fi connector, keyboard, mouse, and any electrical connection from the computers.
  19. Consumption of any type of foods and drinks is strictly prohibited in the library.
  20. No dues Certificate will be issued only when all the documents borrowed are returned to the library.


  • Circulation Services: - Online Check-in and Checkout, Fine collection, Emails alert, Book reservation, etc.
  • Web OPAC: - Users can remotely search their literature through web OPAC as well as can drop requests to reserve any document and pay their fine.
  • Internet Services: - Accessibility of e-resources within the campus as well as outer campus through internet services.
  • Reprographic Services: - Users can do a photocopy of their relevant documents.
  • News Clipping Services: - Subject-wise clipping of national, international, and regional news from the subscribed newspapers.
  • User Orientation Services: - Time to time conduct a user awareness program on subscribed databases to know the latest tools and techniques of searching and research trends for their optimum use.
  • New arrival Service: - Keep updated to all users with new arrival titles by e-mail or display books.
  • Audio Visual Service: - Library also provide CDs/DVDs to its users by borrowing.
  • Digital Library Service: - Users can access and download all the subscribed e-resources in the digital library section.
  • Book Exhibition: - Time to time conduct book exhibitions in the college premises to be aware of the latest publication and selection of the relevant books for procurement.
  • Reference Service: - Assist users to locate their required information.


  • General section
  • Textbooks section
  • Reference section
  • Magazines section
  • Journals section
  • Circulation section
  • Baggage section
  • Acquisition section
  • Cataloguing section
  • Bound volume section
  • Newspaper section
  • Reprographic section


  • No. of Journal Print: 49 (9 International + 40 National)
  • No. of Journal Online: 856 (740 International + 116 National)
  • No. of Magazine Print: 19 (04 International + 15 National)
  • No. of Magazine Online: 251 (08 National + 243 International)
  • No. of Newspapers: 13
  • Total no. of e-Books: 10,504
  • Total no. of Books (Volumes): 38,949
  • Total no. of Books (Titles): 12,885
  • Sage Business Cases: 4,274
  • Bound Volumes: 3,275
  • Total No. of C.Ds: 174
  • Library Management Software: ERP
  • No. of Multimedia Desktop.: 10 + 5 =15
  • No. of Multimedia Desktop for the digital library: 10
  • Reading room seating capacity: 150
  • No. of electronic databases: 4 (Sage Business Cases, EBSCO (eBooks + Journals), Labour Law Reporter Library, Sage e-Journals Platform).
  • Digital Library Membership: NDLI (National Digital Library of India).
  • Club: XISS NDLI CLUB (for learning-oriented activity)

Details of the Reading resources (Online) available in the Library

Sl. no.





EBSCO (Business Source Elite)

Online Journals + Magazines Access


EBSCO (Ebooks business core collection.)

Online E-books Access


SAGE Business Cases

Online Business Cases


SAGE Journals

Online Journals


Economic and political weekly (EPW)

Online Journal


Labour Law Reporter Online Library

Online Journal


Publishing India Group

Online IT Journal


National Digital Library

National repositories of digital Library or



Insurance Times

Online + print magazine


Down to earth

+ Print magazine


Name: Ms Shamida Lakra

Designation: Assistant Librarian


Contact: Library Ext. No. 115

Name: Ms Alka Kujur

Designation: Library Assistant


Name: Mr. Nelson Kerketta

Designation: Library Support Staff


Name: Monalisa Dungdung

Designation: Library Assistant


Name: Aanish Beck

Designation: Library Assistant


Open Access online journals 

Psych Open :


Wiley Open 

Open Access Journals Search Engine (OAJSE)

Jstor :




0pen Access online books

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) :

SpringerOpen Books

Routledge Books

OAPEN Open Books :

INTECH Open Books


Open Access Dissertation & Theses

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD)

PQDT Open (ProQuest):


Open Access Directories 

Open J-Gate :