Welcome to Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), a centre of learning, critical thinking and excellence with difference! COVID-19 has set the whole world tipsy turvy. As we stand at this unique moment in time, we need to understand the challenges emanating from the present crisis that lie ahead of us. With management education as central to our engagement, we must resolve to dispose ourselves to shape the young minds with conscience, compassion, competence, commitment and character, to address the fallout of the global pandemic on job market, business, psycho-social and cultural challenges.

The life will never be the same again in post COVID-19 period. We are at the crossroads of civilizations when we have to redefine everything about life and work, being and becoming. The world has changed forever. The concept of physical distancing has also resulted in social exclusion and digital divide. The post-corona world is going to be totally different from pre-corona world. Many top industries are adversely affected necessitating a paradigm shift, reimagination and reinvention in all spheres of life. In the given circumstances, adaptation is the key and not rigidity. It is survival of the fastest and not of the fittest that is the demand of the times. In India, joblessness at the moment is at all-time high.

The world is moving in the direction of forced entrepreneurship. It is going to have control of our life. Earlier we depended on the corporation, both for our survival and for thriving. However, now even the corporation does not know how to save itself and its people.

We have to live a more conscious life now. We live in a consumeristic world. If we are not conscious, the human race is going to be wiped out. How do we add value to society? We can do that by protecting nature. We have to make conscientious effort not to fiddle with nature or else it is going to pay us back as we have seen time and again.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the Management, Faculty and Staff of XISS for responding promptly, positively and constructively to the call of Ranchi Jesuit Society to combat COVID-19. Besides, the intervention of XISS in collaboration with the District Administrator of Ranchi, made a big difference in the lives of hundreds of the affected persons and families due to the lockdown.

This is what make XISS a brand name with a difference. Yes indeed, XISS creates professionals with a difference – who are leaders par excellence even in moments of crisis. The students of the institute are exposed to the toughest of the situations, which shape them as tough leaders with resilience to give leadership to the corporates, societies, communities, groups and families. They do not struggle for survival but strive for perfection.

XISS has won many laurels in the past. As I assume the office of the director during this COVID-19 crisis period, I have a dream for the future of the institute. The NBA accreditation, essential for the prosperity of the institute, is the first priority. Exploring possibility of a larger space for the new XISS campus, is another priority. The talk of XISS being enhanced to the University status has been going on for the past more than ten years. It requires a concerted effort to take the matter to its logical conclusion. XISS needs to think innovatively in order to make its sister organization Xavier Institute of Polytechnic and Technology (XIPT) self-reliant. Moreover, strengthening of the programs and departments promoting faculty and staff development programs, need to be emphasized. While trying to be competitive to face the market, it will also be important to promote ethical and human values, which are the hallmark of XISS – Creating Professionals with a Difference.