“XISS spreads festive bliss with Christmas Gala”

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, organised Samvad 4.0, a vibrant gathering where all institutional clubs on campus, brought together a dynamic synergy to the collaborative event that showcased the talents and initiatives of clubs Obscura, Embark, Aawaz, Rotaract Club of Social Revolution (RCSR), Creategic, and Maxiss.

The day commenced with an inspiring address by Director, Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ who stated the celebrations to be an integral part of their academic life. Assistant Director, Dr Pradeep Kerketta SJ, Dean Academics, Dr Amar Eron Tigga, Heads of All Programmes, and students of all programmes were in attendance during the event.

The inauguration, symbolized by the uplifting moment of releasing vibrant balloons into the sky, set the tone for the dynamic events and creative showcases of Samvad 4.0. Each club organized its own unique event, which included Scavango, Model United Nation Debate Competition, Quiz Competition, Balloon Game Competition, Fun Zone Games, Christmas Skit, and Music Performance, allowing students to showcase their skills and creativity. The success of Samvad 4.0 is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the institutional clubs, dedicated organizers, and generous sponsors, including Café Yum Yum, Getaway Ecovillage, Nandvatika Greens, and Me&Mom.

As the sun set, the festivities continued with a heart-warming Christmas gathering at the XISS Auditorium. The gathering featured captivating performances by students of XISS, including a heartwarming Christmas Play and melodious carols that resonated with the holiday spirit, accompanied by the enchanting lighting of a bonfire and the lively beats of a DJ.

Following the Christmas vibes, the onset of the season was celebrated the next day as well as students gathered in the Xavier hostel for a cosy Christmas evening, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds within the XISS community. Adding a touch of warmth to the occasion, a Christmas celebration followed by dinner was organized for the faculty and staff, fostering camaraderie among all.