Allegory 2.0- The Brand Repositioning Competition held at XISS

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi and Embark-The Management Club of XISS organized Allegory 2.0-The Brand Repositioning Competition in which 8 teams participated from colleges including IIM Ranchi, BIT Mesra, St. Xavier’s College, and XISS.

Director Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur, SJ, enlightened the participants and audience with the idea of the ‘Importance of delivering what is conceived by the participants.’ The judges of the event, Dr Taposh Ghoshal, Ex-Professor IIM Calcutta expressed the ‘Nitty-gritty of Marketing & Branding Strategies’ and Dr Rana S Chakravarty, Ex-Director (Marketing & Production), HEC discussed the ‘Imperativeness of such events for the overall development of entrepreneurship.’

In this competition, a total of 8 teams participated in which the participants were given an established brand with its contradictory product. This event comprised a total of 2 rounds in which the teams had to develop strategies and marketing plans for a product that contradicts a well-known brand. In the 1st round, the participants were assigned brands and products on a random basis. And participants were given one hour to prepare their presentation. The judgment was made by the faculty members of XISS, Dr Arana Kausar and Mr Prashant Kumar Jha.

The participating team and the judges had a brainstorming session followed by a question-and-answer session after delivering the presentation where the judges evaluated and suggested the practical aspect of the business plan and changes that should be inculcated to make it market ready.

Towards the end of the competition, results were announced by the judges in which the team- "Brainy Buddies" from XISS got 1st place along with team 'Xplorers' from IIM Ranchi, as the runners' up. Cash prizes worth Rs 7,000 and Rs 5,000 along with certificates were awarded.