Alumni Reunion - Batch of 1982-84 PM & IR held

The alumni reunion for the 1982-84 Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PM&IR) batch at XISS was a resounding success, fostering a warm atmosphere of camaraderie and nostalgia. Fourteen esteemed alumni graced the occasion, contributing to an informal gathering filled with shared memories and reflections.

The event commenced with a heartfelt welcome speech from Dr Joesph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS, expressing gratitude for the alumni's presence. The Director acknowledged the significance of their contributions to the institute's legacy and set the tone for a day of reminiscence and celebration.

Each alumnus had the opportunity to share nostalgic memories of their time at XISS. Their reflections encompassed academic achievements, personal growth, and the enduring friendships forged during their years at the institute. These personal anecdotes added a rich and personal touch to the event. The Director led the alumni on a detour of the institute, showcasing the recent addition of Dr Kumar Suresh Singh Memorial Library and sharing insights into future. Alumni felt a mix of amazement and nostalgia as they revisited their old classrooms and witnessed the evolution of their alma mater.

A significant moment occurred as the alumni collectively expressed their commitment to supporting XISS in its future endeavours. This promise underscored the enduring bond between the institute and its graduates, emphasizing the alumni's role in shaping the institution's trajectory.

Following the detour, the alumni engaged in a musical session, singing songs that undoubtedly heightened the sense of camaraderie. The day continued with a shared lunch, providing an opportunity for further bonding and the exchange of stories and experiences. The event concluded with a sincere vote of thanks by Ms Aayurshi Sahay, Assistant Alumni Coordinator. She expressed gratitude for the alumni's continued involvement and support, recognizing the importance of maintaining strong connections between the institute and its alumni.

The alumni reunion for the 1982-84 PM batch at XISS was a memorable and emotionally charged event, showcasing the enduring spirit of the institute and the deep connections shared among its graduates. The day served as a testament to the transformative impact of XISS on the lives of its alumni, fostering a sense of pride and commitment that will undoubtedly endure for years to come.