Mr Kamal Joshi, GM-HR, Banas Dairy shared insights, and HR expertise with students at XISS

The leadership talk conducted by Mr Kamal Joshi, GM-HR, Banas Dairy at the XISS Campus was a valuable and inspiring event for the students. Such interactions between industry professionals and students prove to be highly beneficial in preparing students for their future careers and providing them with real-world insights and guidance. Mr Kamal's experience and expertise in HR likely provided valuable perspectives on the professional world and career development for the students of all four programmes at XISS.

Mr Kamal emphasized the importance of having passion for work and loving one’s work, as it constitutes a significant portion of one’s daily life. He also highlighted the significance of job satisfaction and personal fulfilment. He encouraged students to embrace their mistakes and see them as opportunities for growth.

Further, in the talk, Mr Kamal shared insights from his own professional journey, which gave an insight to the real-world context for the students. He also urged students to be kind to themselves and to be their own best friends. He emphasized on the importance of self-care and mental well-being.

The leadership talk saw participation from all four programmes of XISS with second-year students attending the talk. These students will now be a part of the Placement Process and such talks motivate them to participate and perform well during job interviews. Mr Kamal highlighted the significance of celebrating achievements and successes during the talk. He said that often, people tend to focus on their losses or shortcomings, but recognizing and celebrating wins can boost morale and motivation. He also talked about the importance of being unique and standing out in a competitive job market. He urged all to showcase one's individual strengths and qualities. Additionally, he advised students to compete with themselves rather than comparing themselves to others and that self-improvement and growth should be their primary focus.

He also quoted example of companies like Apple, constantly adding features to their products to illustrate the importance of continuous learning and development in the job market. Overall, the leadership talk covered a wide range of valuable topics, from personal growth and self-compassion to professional development and maintaining a positive mindset. The engagement and interaction with students through Q&A made the session even more enriching for the attendees. The talk has provided the students with valuable insights and motivation as they navigate their own career paths.