PANACHE ’23: The Annual Fest of XISS celebrated with pomp and show

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi celebrated its two-day Annual Fest ‘Panache 2023’ on 9-10 February 2023, in the campus. The two-day event witnessed several competitions between students, live musical performances to battling it out in a game of Antakshari between several colleges and institutes.

Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur, Director, XISS, inaugurated the festival and stated that we all have shown resilience, which is required of every professional, which we have tried to inculcate in us as well as in our students. I wish to see students enjoying and learning from the events and competitions during Panache.

Day one events began with Runathon where Akash Munda secured the first position, second was won by Abhishek Gadi, both of Central University of Jharkhand, and Ankit Kumar Bhardwaj of XISS secured the third place. Whereas, in the female category the winner of Runathon was Ujjashweta, on the second place was Any Shreya Topno and on the third position, Sakshi Jain, all from XISS.

In Scavenger Hunt, the first place was won by Team Ace of St Xavier’s College, second place was won by Team Arcturus and the third place by Team Rocket, both of XISS. The winners of Rangoli Competition were Pranjali, Priyanshu Sharma, Sarvesh Gupta, and Ridhima Dwivedi of Marwari College. The winner of Open Mic was Biplow Kumar, on the second place was Kumar Sanket and on the third place was Shambavi of XISS. Other events such as Itsy Bitsy and On Your Toes carried out by maximum participation of students. In the evening events, a Fashion Show was organised which was cheered by all.

Day two of the festival saw a variety of events including Reel Making/Photography competition for those skilled in lens where in Reel Making the winner was Shreyash Rajgaria and in Photography the winner was Swapneel Verma, both from XISS. In Xigyasa 2.0, the first place was won by Team Meteors, on the second was Team Unitum and the third place was won by Team Optimists, all from XISS. In Nukkad Natak the winner Team Aawaz of XISS and Team Aarohan of St Xavier’s College became the joint winners.

In Corporate Soup, the first place was secured by the Meteors, the second place was won by the Corporate Cast and the third place was won by Corporate Siyapaa, all from XISS. In Make Me rich the first place was won by the Meteors, the second place was won by Blue Rock and the third place was won by Bare Bull, all teams from XISS. Following this, events such as Sursangram, performance by the faculty of XISS, Walk the Ramp and DJ night was also organised, leading to glorious conclusion of the two-day fiesta. Mr Pranit Jha and Ms Harsha Paul won Mr and Miss Panache 2023.

Students from other colleges including St Xavier’s College, Marwari College and Central University of Jharkhand also participated in the two-day long event. In this way PANACHE ’23 came to a fabulous end.