XISS and World Vision India sign MoU for community engagement of students in 10 urban slums

Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi, and World Vision India (WVI), Ranchi, signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) for a partnership of one year (February 2022-April 2023) for community engagement of students from the Rural Management Programme in 10 community slums of the city. In these communities, volunteers will extend their support to the student to introduce them to the communities, especially Community based organization (SDC) and children Groups formed by the organization.

Under this partnership, students pursuing the Post Graduate Rural Management Course will devote their afternoon session in 10 communities of WVI AP Ranchi Urban for Urban Field Work (UFW) in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimester which is essential requirement of the course. These 10 Slums are Kusai, Madhukam, Hatma, Lowadih, Dibadhi, Bada Ghagra, Mahadev tola, Lohrakocha, Mahuwatoli and Samlong.

WVI will provide Teaching aids/IEC materials to the students when they engage with the community and the children alongside will also maintain a cordial relationship with children, communities and volunteers in their words and deeds during fieldwork. Logistical arrangements for Pre-school Children (Balwadi) will be facilitated by XISS which would also be the Primary intervention area of the Area Programme (AP) and a Child protection policy will also be signed by XISS.  Students will be oriented on community profile, families visit and interaction with Community-Based Organizations (Slum development Committee, Child Protection Unit, Children Club). Orientation on Child protection, advocacy, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihood intervention, Linkage with Govt. schemes and intervention of Maternal and Child Health Nutrition is another important factor of the MoU. Students will ensure significant change stories, mobilize People with disability and children with disability to Govt Hospital and submit a progress report on a monthly basis and also participate and support in campaigns organized by WVI.

Dr Joseph Marianus Kujur SJ, Director, XISS, Ranchi; Ms Shilpi Munda, Programme Officer, WVI, Area Programme Ranchi Urban; Dr Himadri Sinha, Professor & Head, Rural Management Programme, XISS; Dr Sanjay Verma, Assistant Project Coordinator, XISS and Ms Rekha Purnima Khalko, Senior Manager Programme, Monitoring, WVI were present during the signing of the MoU.

Dr Kujur, Director, XISS during the signing of the MoU expressed his happiness on the collaboration with WVI and said that this association made is with a vision to effectively increase student participation in the UFW under their course curriculum. He stated that this aligns to the vision and mission of the Institute and will increase interaction with Community-Based Organizations, Orientation on Child protection, advocacy and other factors which are some crucial points where students will benefit from the WVI. He also said that this association will immensely benefit the student’s community in enhancing their practical skills and knowledge.

Dr Himadri Sinha shared the objective of the MoU and stated that this is primarily to equip students and build their competency for slum development as a part of their course curriculum. They will be working in 10 slums of the city and the experience will come in very useful when they step in the professional world. Baseline and Inline survey and the implementation techniques will be taught to them under the partnership.

Ms Rekha Purnima Khalko, Senior Manager Programme, Monitoring, WVI said that we have collaborated with XISS in Urban Field Work in 2019 and the learning students brought in was extremely beneficial. Associating WVI with such a premier Institute like XISS which has very strong technical guidance from the Faculty will indeed be very helpful for the cause.