XISS students participated in the NTPC ER-1 HQ - Business Quiz

In a thrilling display of intellect and knowledge, six students of Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS), Ranchi participated in the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Regional Round Electron Quiz Competition 2023, Eastern Region-1. The event, featured a total of 70 teams, brought together the brightest minds in the field of science and management.

Three teams from XISS, each comprising two members, took the stage with enthusiasm and determination. The team consisted of first-year students namely Atishay Tripathi, Megha Soni, Navya Singh, Madhumita, and Aishwarya Prakash along with a second-year student Abhishek Singh Malhotra participated in the competition. The competition provided a unique platform for students to showcase their understanding of the business world and engage in friendly yet intense competition.

While the journey through the quiz was challenging, it proved to be an exciting opportunity for the participants. The questions posed during the competition tested their grasp on various aspects of the business world making it a valuable learning experience for everyone involved.

Despite the stiff competition, XISS teams gave their best effort. Although they did not secure a spot in the second round, the experience gained and the knowledge acquired throughout the competition were invaluable.

The NTPC Regional Round Electron Quiz Competition 2023, Eastern Region-1, not only tested the participants' knowledge but also provided a platform for them to learn, grow, and celebrate the spirit of academic curiosity.