Content-Based Image Classification | Efficient Machine Learning Using Robust Feature Extraction Techniques


Dr. Rik Das

Published By :
Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
Published Date ::
December 17, 2020
About the book

Content-Based Image Classification: Efficient Machine Learning Using Robust Feature Extraction Techniques is a comprehensive guide to research with invaluable image data. Social Science Research Network has revealed that 65% of people are visual learners. Research data provided by Hyerle (2000) has clearly shown 90% of information in the human brain is visual. Thus, it is no wonder that visual information processing in the brain is 60,000 times faster than text-based information (3M Corporation, 2001). Recently, we have witnessed a significant surge in conversing with images due to the popularity of social networking platforms. The other reason for embracing usage of image data is the mass availability of high-resolution cellphone cameras. Wide usage of image data in diversified application areas including medical science, media, sports, remote sensing, and so on, has spurred the need for further research in optimizing archival, maintenance, and retrieval of appropriate image content to leverage data-driven decision-making. This book demonstrates several techniques of image processing to represent image data in a desired format for information identification. It discusses the application of machine learning and deep learning for identifying and categorizing appropriate image data helpful in designing automated decision support systems.

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